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Online reputation has become one of the most important activities of brands and organizations, according to the theory backed by recent studies about the relationship between online reputation and financial results. The Social Media Family covers all elements involved in Online Reputation Management:

Online monitoring. Our monitoring tools help us filter and organize the online conversation that surrounds a brand or product. Once gathered, these comments are classified by topic, sentiment and source.

Real time alerts. When comments related to a specific topic of outstanding importance to the organization are identified during the online monitoring process, we can create a specific alert for managing them properly.

Online Reputation Reports. Beginning with the information gathered during the online monitoring process, The Social Media Family develops both quantitative and qualitative assets, so we can identify FAQs, speakers, the most viral content and future trends. This can be done for the client’s brands and its competitors. 

Influencers analysis. We identify, classify and interact with influencers which may have impact on our client’s online reputation.

Social Media Customer Care. Based on our online monitoring process, we design and carry out customer care strategies on social media, with the aim of offering solutions to those clients who interact with our clients on social media networks.



Intangible assets have become more important in a worldwide economy, so that’s why digital transformation processes have moved up the company’s agenda. However, it’s not only a question of establishing business models on new channels, but managing these processes correctly, even from the standpoint of human resources. The Social Media Family takes responsibility for the following:

  • Identifying audiences. We identify the present and future needs of the online client.
  • Message definition. We develop the company’s storytelling: what we want to say to our online stakeholders.
  • Identifying channels. Where should the organization be present? Should it sell online? Or design an app?
  • Products consultancy. Is my product portfolio adaptable to online channels? Can new specific products be created for this format from existing ones?
  • Staff training. We stand up for the company’s most valuable resource during this process.


The main pillar of any digital strategy is high quality and original content creation which will be able to attract an audience. Concerning brands, this action is found under the umbrella of  Branded Content, while its optimization is placed under the heading of Content Marketing.

Branded Content. The Social Media Family will analyze the client’s communicative needs and present a roadmap of content pieces to help brands engage their audiences (blog posts, white papers, tutorials, coverage, infographies, videos, audios… )

Content Marketing. Beside generating original content, The Social Media Family will first analyze topics and trends before adapting them to the most suitable format in regard to SEO criteria.



We conceive web design as another piece of a digital communications strategy. Before starting any developement project we analyze the client’s needs in order to offer the best solutions:

  • What is the final goal of the website?
  • Who is it targeting?
  • What kind of content will be there?
  • Who will be responsible for its maintenance once online?
  • Does your Brand have a defined corporate identity or does it need a design?

All our web design projects include…

  • Installation of a CMS on the client’s server (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop…)
  • SEO optimization: tags, texts, images, descriptions…
  • Premium templates and tailor-made designs
  • ERP/CRM integrations
  • Google Search Console, Analytics and Tag Manager setup
  • Google Analytics setting
  • User maintenance guide


With an estimated investment of 25 billion dollars worldwide during 2015, social networks are considered just as valuable a place for advertising as TV, Print or Search Marketing. That’s why The Social Media Family offers a service that goes far beyond mere planning:

  • Audience. We identify your target audience.
  • Platform. We choose the best social network where you’ll engage with that audience.
  • Message. We define texts and images.
  • Measure. Everything is configured just for measuring the campaign’s ROI.
  • Reports. We analyze the campaign’s performance and develop a final report highlighting the lessons learned.
  • Transparency. We charge for our work, and that’s it. You’ll always be informed about the amount invested during the campaign, even if the budget has not been spent entirely.


In Company training activities are contracted by an organization and designed following their indications. These kind of projects are especially recommended for those organizations with special training needs, or those which require a personalized solution to a specific problem.



We have adapted traditional Public Relations concepts to current online needs. We identify your companies stakeholders regardless of the network in which their business is done.

Digital PR has contributed to multiplying traditional media relations, making use of social platforms to spread the message of the organization.  In this sense, leaders of digital opinion (influencers) play a fundamental role during this entire process. Once they are detected and classified, we manage the relationship between the brand and the medium.



“An unmesurable asset doesn’t exist.” This sentence is a great example of the importance of valid KPIs and how to interpret them in the digital ecosystem. In addition to our own website and social media networks, a great part of success relies on our talent for identifying the key indicators which will allow us to adapt our campaign to the demands of the consumers.

Our Happy Clients

  • The Social Media Family has become a strategic partner of interest with which to reinforce our offer of services. The professionalism of its team and its knowledge of the sector are a guarantee for our digital projects.

    Laura Vázquez
    Laura Vázquez Directora de Vuentas Havas PR y Social Media
  • We trusted The Social Media Family to manage the media relations of the first Lean Startup Machine event in Madrid and it was a resounding success: both the call and the coverage obtained exceeded our expectations. I would go back to them without a doubt.

    Daniel Kominsky
    Daniel Kominsky Lean Startup Machine Madrid
  • We’ve been working with The Social Media Family since our appearence in 2013. As one of our strategic partners manages both our communication and those of our clients who so demand. During this period we have achieved more than 70 appearances in the press, as well as a great impact in social media, which has helped us to generate notoriety that has contributed to increase our sales.

    Luis Arimany
    Luis Arimany Evolufarma's CEO

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